Start by going to "campaigns" from your menu and click "+ New Campaign".

Section 1: Dialing Mode

  • Preview Dialer - This mode will allow you to call 1 person at a time and give you the ability to preview their contact information, property information, notes etc before you click the call button manually. It's similar to if you made a regular call on your cell phone.
  • Predictive Dialer - This mode will allow the system to make the calls for you and as soon as someone answers the phone you'll be connected with them and their contact information will populate automatically (learn more in video above)

Section 2: Agents

Choose who will be dialing in the campaign. If it will just be you, be sure to select your name.

Section 3: Phone Numbers

Choose the phone numbers you previously added to your account and make sure you have enough for the amount of agents that will be dialing and for how many calls will be made in a day. As you select your phone numbers, the system will do the math for you and show you how many calls you can make it one day with the amount of phone numbers you choose. (industry best practice is limited to 100 calls per day per phone number)

Section 4: Contact Lists

Choose the contact list(s) you'd like to call in this campaign. TIP: Make sure your phone numbers match the area your contacts are located so they recognize the area codes when you call.

Section 5: Campaign Configuration

  • Name you campaign - Make it clear for yourself and your agents so when someone starts dialing the campaign they know where they're calling into as well as what types of conversations they going to be having
  • Call results - These are the outcomes you'll place on each call you eventually make and they have specific rules which will affect your contacts - Learn more about call results here
  • Agent Script - BatchDialer provides a default script that will be visible when you or your agent connects with a contact - you can make your own here by clicking "add new" which could even be simple bullet points of questions you want to be sure to ask while on a connected call!

Advanced Configuration:

  • Calls Order 
    • Adaptive - Example: If you have 50 people to call and everyone has 3 phone numbers, the system will go through and call all contact's 1st phone number, then start over and call the 2nd number, then the 3rd
    • Highest or lowest score leads first - There is a place in your settings that allows you to set rules to "score your leads" - if you score them you can call them from highest or lowest score first

  • Call Connect Type - (This is how you'll be connected to contacts with outbound AND inbound calls)
    NOT APPLICABLE IN "PREVIEW MODE". WILL ONLY BE VISIBLE IF USING "PREDICTIVE MODE" If you're using "preview dialer" you'll be automatically connected to your contact when they answer the phone - much like if you gave a friend a call on your cell phone

If you're using "predictive dialer" (This is how you'll be connected to contacts with outbound AND inbound calls)

  • (Automatic Answer) if you'd like to be automatically connected when someone answers the phone
  • (Manual Answer) or if you want to hear a beep or ringing noise when they answer where you'll then have to physically click a button to connect with them 

Dialing Behavior (VERY IMPORTANT)


  • Rapid Fire Mode (Only available in BatchDialer Advanced Plans) - Rapid Fire Mode changes the multi-line dialing algorithm so that the dialer automatically fires off another outbound call as soon as a new line becomes available. This reduces agent wait time by 23%!
  • Simultaneous Dials Per Agent - only applicable when you have the multi-line dialer and using "predictive mode" - This is where you set how many lines you'd like to be dialed at once in a campaign (We do not recommend going over 3 lines) - learn more in the video at the top of this guide
  • Max Calls Per Day - You can set a limit on how many connected calls you'd like your agents to have in a day
  • Max Attempts Per Record - How many times the dialer will call a contact back (if set past more than 1 attempt the system will wait the amount of time you set under "Retry time" to put them back in the rotation to be called again) Note: Max attempts per record and retry time go hand in hand. We don't recommend calling back a contact more than 3 times in 1 day
  • Retry Time - The amount of time the system will wait before calling a contact back that didn't answer if you have the "max attempts for the record" set at more than 1.
  • Queue Behavior / Abandonment Timeout (sec) - How long the dialer will wait before dropping a contact if you've connected with someone else - we recommend leaving this at 30 seconds
  • Smart Local Presence (Only available in BatchDialer Advanced Plans) - If a Campaign is targeted for a specific geographic region or area, then the CallerID of outbound calls also should match the region. The Smart  feature is applicable for both Preview & Predictive dialing modes. Allows you to select the Outbound Calling Number which is the closest match to the area code, city, or state that you are dialing. Other numbers will be used, if not available.
  • Podio Integration - If you'd like your agents to easily push contacts to your Podio CRM you can connect the integration you should have set up in settings

Additional Settings

  • Lead Sheets - You can create these in your admin settings and layout information that is important for your agents to obtain on a connected call with a contact then connect it to the campaign here (Awesome feature that is seriously underutilized!)
  • Call Recording - you can choose if you want each connected call to be recorded so your agents can improve or you can download them for training purposes - you can find call recordings under "Reports", then "Recent contacts"
  • Answering Machine DetectionOnly applicable if using "predictive mode" The system will be able to filter out around 75% of your contacts answering machines so you only talk to real people - NOTE: The system will NOT leave voicemail drops for you. If you wish to leave all of your contacts that don't answer a manual voicemail or voicemail drop you should keep this OFF
  • Suppress Federal Do Not Call - This will cut many of your contacts out of the campaign but it's completely up to you if you wish to skip these contacts (the system will find them for you)
  • Suppress System Do Not Contact - This will filter out contacts that have told YOU or your AGENTS specifically NOT to call them back - anyone that is on your personal Do not contact list
  • Suppress Wireless Contacts - If you wish to only call the landline numbers on your contacts
  • Suppress Litigator Contacts - If you wish to filter out anyone that comes up marked as a plaintiff / litigator 

Calling Hours

  • Time Zone - This will need to be set to the timezone you'll be calling INTO. Example: If you live in New York and you're going to call people in California, you would set California's time zone.
  • Calling Hours - Set hours for yourself and your agents so your contacts don't get calls too early or too late

Accept the Terms and Conditions, then Click "Save" when done or you can save it as a draft.