"Lead sheets" is an extremely underutilized feature! Administrators have the ability to easily outline what information they want collected on connected calls with contacts while agents can simply fill out the sheet if it's been provided! 

Start by going to your name in the top right hand corner then click on "settings". From there, click on "Lead Sheets" on the left.

Click "add new" in the top right hand corner.

Add a name to your lead sheet and click the checkmark to save the name

To add a point of data, simply click on one of the options on the right to add it to the sheet. 

If you choose something like "Text" or "Text area" make sure you type out what you'd like it to be. Also, be sure to click the "check mark" next to things to type to save the field. You can also decide to make certain pieces of data required if you'd like.

In the example below, the user is in the real estate investing business and is wanting their agents to make not of the following:

Are they interested?

When do they want to sell?

What's their motivation/why do they want to sell?

Notes on the condition of the property

This can all be very useful information for someone on your acquisitions team for example! Once you finish, click "save".

Once you've created the lead sheet, go to your campaign and add it (learn more about creating campaigns HERE).

This area will be under "advanced configuration" near the very bottom. save the campaign.

Once your team starts dialing and they connect with a contact (learn more about how to start dialing HERE) they'll be able to go the "Lead sheet" section and fill out what you created!