A "Call Result" will be placed and every single call made within your account, so it's best you understand what they will eventually do with your contacts before you start dialing. As an admin, if you ever change the rules of a call result, you should fill your team in, so they know what will happen to a contact after using a certain call result.

Start by going to "Phone System" in your menu and click on "Call Results". Take the time to click the pencil icon next to each call result to understand what rules they will follow if selected as an outcome of calls you'll eventually begin making.

NOTE: If a default call result listed has no rules attached, you can add / edit your own rules to the call result with the pencil icon

NOTE: You can edit everything on the default call results except for the name. If you need something more specific, consider creating a new one.

If you'd like to create "groups" or brand "new call results" different from the listed defaults, use the buttons in the top right hand corner of the page.