BatchDialer's Inbound Call Queue feature provides a variety of options to route your inbound calls to either available agents at the time the lead calls back, to your personal number, a voicemail and more.

Note: You should be setting up Inbound Call Queues for each campaign individually to receive inbound calls.

Start by going to "Phone System" in your menu and click on "Inbound Calls" in the drop down. On the inbound call page, click on "+ New Queue" near the top right hand corner (Order of buttons to click is displayed in image below).

Once you have clicked on NEW QUEUE, you will see the form to fill the requirements to create an inbound call queue.

  • Name the Queue
  • Assign it to a Campaign (an inbound call queue must be created for each campaign separately)
  • Extensions - Select the same phone numbers you previously connected to the campaign you're making the queue for TIP: Make "groups" for your phone numbers to make it simple to select the same ones! learn more HERE

  • Assign Agents - assign the agents you'd like to be answering the calls that come in, you can select them here. NOTE: Assigned agents will only be able to answer inbound calls on the selected campaign within the dialer when they are in "available" status working on that specific campaign! If they are working on another campaign, the calls will go to the timeout destination

  • Ring Strategy - Choose how you'd like the calls to ring your agents. Round robin will take turns and ring all will ring all agents the amount of time set until someone answers and if they do not it will go to the timeout destination
  • Wrap up Timeout - (only applicable when using predictive campaigns) This is the amount of time the system will give your agents to wrap up any notes they have at the end of a connected inbound call before picking up the next group of outbound calls in the campaign.
  • Max Ring Time Duration - This is the amount of time the system will ring before being sent to the timeout destination if there is no one currently in "available" status to take the call working on that specific campaign. 

If no one is available to take the inbound call in the dialer the call will go to the "Timeout destination". You'll probably want to set this as a call forward number like an office number or maybe a voicemail.

If an inbound call comes in after your set hours, it will be sent to your chosen "After Hours Destination". You'll probably set this as a voicemail.

If no one is available to answer the inbound calls, you'll have the following options to forward the call to:

  • Agent: The call will be routed to the agent you may select here.
  • IVR/AA: The call will be routed to IVR/AA that you have already setup.
  • Hangup: The option selected will simply hang up the inbound call (not recommended)
  • Phone Number: You can simply route the inbound call reaching the inbound queue will simply route the call to the phone number you have set. (example: an office or personal number)
  • Queue: If selected this option the call will be routed to another Inbound Call Queue.
  • Campaign: If you want to contact the Inbound Calls later under a different campaign, you can select this option and add to a specific campaign to contact the lead later.
  • Voicemail:  If you want the caller to hear a Voicemail greeting and leave you a message, you can select this option and select the already saved Voicemail. (Click HERE to learn how to create voicemails)
  • DNC: You can add the inbound number to DNC if you want, please note that the number will be added to the DNC list and you will not be able to receive any more calls from this number (NOT RECOMMENDED) 

After you finish, simply click on CREATE QUEUE to save the Queue. That's it!