The Voicemail Drop feature is an important tool to use when you reach a contact's Answering Machine or Voicemail. Setting this up will allow you to simply drop a pre-recorded voicemail so that the lead can reach back out to you. 

Important Notes:

  • Using voicemails drops can negatively impact your phone numbers reputation over time
  • The system will NOT do this for you automatically
  • How it works - Voicemail drop works as long as after you hear the contact's voicemail greeting, you end the call and manually select the call result your vm drop audio recording is attached to. For you to drop a voicemail to the lead, it needs to detect that there was an answering machine on the other end. If the lead just did not answer, then the system cannot drop a voicemail. If it just keeps ringing, then disconnects, the system cannot drop a voicemail. If they did not answer and you were routed to their voicemail, then the system will allow you to drop a voicemail. 
  • EXAMPLE: You begin calling a contact and you hear the ringing while you wait for them to answer the call; The contact doesn't answer and you hear their voicemail greeting telling you to leave them a message. As soon as you hear their voicemail greeting, END the call and select the call result with your voicemail audio recording attached to drop the voicemail and move on to the next contact.

Start by going to "Phone System" in your menu and click on "call results". You can either make a brand new one in the top right hand corner or you can go to the default "Voicemail" call result and click the pencil icon to edit the rules (shown in image below).

  • If you decided to edit the existing default "voicemail" call result, you won't be able to edit the name. If you'd like customize the name, click on "+ New Call Result" in the top right hand corner instead on the "call results" page (not shown in the image below).

    Here you can choose your preferred color, then decide if you'd like to assign the call result to a specific number group and call results group. We recommend choosing the campaign(s) you'd like it to be connected to so you can use it when you start dialing! Be sure to "check" the box next to "display on new campaign page", then click "+ Add New Rule" and select "send voicemail". (shown in image below)

    Next, you'll have the option to either select existing pre-recorded audio from the audio-library or click on the ADD NEW button if you don't have audio recordings created yet. (Audio library can be found and managed in your settings) 

    If you choose the option to ADD NEW, a pop-up will appear which will give you three different options to upload the audio. First, name your recording (in the example below, the user named theirs "Voicemail Drop"). 

    You can "upload you own audio file", "record your audio live" or use "text to speech". Click "save" when done.

    In the example below, the user chose to "record audio". TIP: Be sure to keep your recording straightforward and generic so you can use it for multiple contacts; EX: "Hey, hope you're having a good day! I've been trying to reach you! Give me a call back when you can!"

    Once you complete creating the recording and have saved it, click "save" at the bottom to finish!

    You'll see the updated result on the main "call results" page where you can always edit it! That's it! See the video above to see how to use it!