Providing scripts for you and your team can be extremely beneficial to help keep your connected calls and conversations on track. You can use the default one provided by BatchDialer or make your own!

Start by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner then go to "settings". From there, go to "Agent Scripts" on the left.

Click "Add new script" in the top right hand corner. Name your script and type whatever you would to see / what you'd like your agents to see when they connect with a contact.

You can bold out words, italicize, underline and even add bulleted / numbered lists.

The  grey buttons on the right of the text area will allow you to insert pieces of information that will automatically load the connecting info when a contacts answers the phone. Simply start typing your script and to insert a token or data, just click on it in the middle of you typing where you'd like it to go.

Click "Save" when you finish!

After you've created your script, be sure to connect to the campaign you'd like it to appear on. You'll find the option right before "advanced configuration". Learn more about campaigns HERE You can always click on the "eye" icon to preview it and you can make new ones in the campaign settings as well.

Once your team starts dialing (learn more about how to start dialing HERE) and a contact answers their call, their contact card will pop up automatcially and they'll be able to read off their provided script immediately !