Start by going to "Phone system" in your menu and go to "Phone Numbers". 

TIP: On the right of this page, add number groups. This could be something like "Arizona Phone Numbers" or "Morning Phone Numbers" / "Afternoon Phone Numbers" so you can easily select a group to use when you eventually create a campaign!

Click on "Buy Number". To learn about adding caller ID instead, click here  

After clicking on "Buy Number" (shown in image above), select the state and/or area code to find your preferred phone numbers for the area you'll be calling into eventually. When you call your contacts, you'll want them to recognize the phone numbers you're calling from as they'll be more likely to answer the call. 

Be sure to purchase enough phone numbers to accommodate your agents and the amount of calls you and/or your agents will be making in a day. Industry best practice recommends making no more than 100 dials per phone number per day. In BatchDialer Basic plans, Each phone number is $4.00 monthly.

In BatchDialer Advanced Plans60 phone numbers are INCLUDED at no additional cost PER AGENT!! (If you want more than 60 numbers per agent, you can purchase them for $1.00 per number per month! 

You can assign your numbers to an agent, number groupan inbound call queue or a voicemail. (We recommend you create an inbound call queue to have maximum control over what will happen when a contacts calls you back!) Click "order now" once done!

To learn about how you can monitor the reputation of your phone numbers, click here (only available in Advanced plans)