Using "preview mode" will allow you the time to read over your contact's information before you call them or even call people back. In this mode, you will make all calls manually with 1 contact at a time. This guide applies to BOTH agents and administrators (anyone who will making the calls in the account). To learn how to start dialing using "predictive" mode instead, click here

If you're an administrator, don't miss out on setting up other important features BEFORE you or your agents begin dialing. Click HERE to learn more You must already have a contact list upload and connected to an already created campaign.

Before you start, make sure you've given BatchDialer microphone access by simply clicking on the lock icon on the left of the web address and set the microphone dropdown to allow (shown in image below).

At this point, you should have already created the campaign you're planning on dialing. Start by opening your time card or status at the top of your screen (shown in the image below).

As soon as you select the Available status the softphone will appear showing the Campaigns tab with all the campaigns listed for the agent to select and dial.

You will be able to see each campaign dialing behavior icon at the start of the campaign name as shown and highlighted in the below screenshot.  You will need to click on the Join button for the Preview dialing campaign.

As soon as you click on the Join button you will notice that the status will change to Available and the softphone will show the dial-pad where you can either click on the Next Lead button or type the phone number you want to dial.

Since you are in preview dialing mode, the dialer will not start dialing automatically and you will have to click on the Next Lead button to select the lead and dial the number manually.

The dial pad will pop up and WILL NOT dial automatically in "preview mode". Click "next contact" when you're ready to preview the contact you will be dialing MANUALLY (shown in the image below)

After you click Next Lead the screen will change to show you your next contact's information and will autofill their phone number. Take your time here! You can review:

  • Lead info
  • Property Details
  • Activities
  • Notes
  • Lead Sheets (only applicable if admin has set up in settings)
  • Your Script (Admins can provide these when creating the campaign)

When you're ready, click the Green call button to start dialing this contact and wait for them to answer the phone! If you'd like to skip a contact, just click "Next Lead" to move to the next person!

In the below screenshot, you can see the numbers are being dialed and the status changes to On Call.

As soon as the call gets connected you will see the softphone showing the detail of the call and additional options of mute, hold, transfer, or keypad will display, and the call hangup button will also get enabled in red.

Once you finish the call and click the "hangup" or red phone button to end the call, you'll see your call results pop up.

These will pop up every time you end a call or any time someone hangs up on you. 

Select the result that describes the way the call went, leave a note and a mood, then click done.

(Call results have rules when selected. click here to learn more)

After you click "done", click "Next contact" to move on to the next person.