When it comes to your contacts calling you back, BatchDialer gives you multiple ways to receive them based on your needs. Using IVR is a great choice if you want those who call you back to have options before being connected with someone and can help you focus more time on contacts that are interested in what you're offering.

If this isn't what you're looking for, you might consider setting up an inbound call queue instead.

Start by going to "phone system" in your menu, then click on "IVR/Auto Attendant". Click "New IVR" in the top right hand corner. NOTE: you must already have a campaign created and each separate campaign must have its own IVR.

Name: Name it what you'd like - may be helpful to name it after the campaign you're going to connect it to

Description: This is optional - make any note if needed

Assign Campaign: The campaign must already be created and you'll select it here

Extensions: These must be the same phone numbers you used when creating the campaign you're connecting

After Hours: What will happen when someone calls back out of your working hours (You'll most likely place a voicemail here)

Timeout: What will happen when the contacts does nothing for 30 seconds and does not tap an option you provide. ( you'll most likely place a voicemail here)

You MUST click "add digit" and add options that match your welcome prompt recording for this to work properly.

In the example below, the user added the following for their options available to contacts who call:

If the contact taps the number "1" on their dial pad - they can leave you a voicemail

If the contact taps the number "2" on their dial pad - they can be placed on your Do not Contact list

If the contact taps the number "3" on their dial pad - They can be connected with an agent

Based on this example, their welcome recording (click here to see how to record one) should go something like this:

"Thank you for reaching back out to us! To leave us a voicemail, press 1. To be taken off our list, press 2. To be connected with a representative from our team, press 3." 

Click "Save" when done!