Call Results are a very important feature you should understand before you start dialing, click here to learn more

You can edit everything on the default call results except for the Name! This guide is for you if you are needing to create something very specific.

Start by going to "phone system" in your menu, then click on "call results". Click on "New call result" in the top right hand corner.

After clicking "New Call result" you'll begin setting it up:

  • Call Result Name - Name this what you'd like!
  • Number Group - If you want to assign it to a specific number group, learn more here
  • Campaigns - Where you'll assign it to campaigns you want your team to have access to using it on
  • Call Result Group - If you have already created a group on the "call results" page - just a way to keep specific results organized and together for easy selecting 
  • Display on New Campaign Page - This will just allow the call result to be visible to select when you create new campaign in the future to select


  • Do not Redial Contact - If this rule is attached to the call result, it will indicate that there is no reason to redial any of the contact's numbers because the agent maybe already connected and spoke to the right person

  • Do not Redial Number - Maybe the agent connected with a family member of who they are trying to reach and there is no reason to call that specific number back in the future

  • Add Contact to DNC - The entire contact will be added to your Do not Contact list

  • Add Number to DNC - Just the specific number will be added to your Do not Contact List

  • Mark As Lead - If you have podio or your CRM connected in your settings and to the campaign the call result is being used on, the contact will be pushed to your CRM

  • Send to Email - If you want to send the contact to someones email on your team

Additional Rules

  • Schedule Callback - schedule to reach back out to them in a certain amount of time in the queue of the campaign

  • Add to Campaign - you would have to already have the campaign created, but you could maybe mark people that didn't answer in a way that places them into a call back campaign perhaps

  • Add to List - You could either place them on an existing list or create a new one here for a call back list for example.

Click "Save" when done and it will appear on your call results page! Click HERE to learn how they work