The heat and floor map can give you more control over viewing what your team is doing in real time and where they are currently spending their time!

Heat Map

Start by going to "reports" in your menu, then click on "heat map".

Here you can filter out groups of agents, if applicable to you as well as filter by the day, week or month. You also have the ability to print this page of data or export to a CSV file.

It will show how much time they have spent in different statuses, including "on call" for time spent on live calls, lunch, meetings etc. 

Floor Map

Go to "reports" in your menu, then "floor map".

If you have your agents in an office, you can display your agents in a way that mimics where they are in the office and even if everyone is virtual, this can be a great place to view what your entire team is doing at a glance.

Simply click on "Edit floor" to move or add agents. You can delete the floor and add additional too!