With a Numbers report, you can always see how much time your numbers have dialed for both outbound and inbound calls.  Also, when they were added to the Dialer.

Start by going to "Reports" in your menu, then click on "numbers".

Once you click on the Numbers report link no under the Reports submenu, you will be directed to the Phone Numbers report page as shown in below screenshot.  The default information available is of Phone Number, Destination as to which destination the phone number is assigned, Inbound as for how many minutes the phone number was on inbound calls, Outbound as for how many minutes the phone number was on outbound and, Added for as when the phone number was added to your account

As shown in the below screenshot you can filter the phone numbers based on the destination, to see what numbers are assigned to Agents only or set for the Voicemail etc.  You can see the options are Destination, Agent, IVR/AA, Hangup, Phone Number, Queue, Campaign, Voicemail and DNC.

You can also see the call time record for all the numbers based on the specific date, selecting from the calendar as shown in the below screenshot.  i.e. If you want to see how many minutes the phone numbers were on outbound and inbound for today.

You can also search the phone number by specific area codes as shown in the below sceenshot, which help you look for the performance and date you added for the specific phone number.

Once you have your desired results on the screen you can simply click on the EXPORT button to save the phone numbers and their details as a CSV file, as shown in the below screenshot.