Managing your campaigns can help you understand with what's happening with calls being made and how your agents are categorizing the calls with call results. Watch the video for more information!

Start by going to "reports" in your menu, then click on "Campaigns". You can filter the date range, by agents and status of campaigns. You can also export the report.

Once you see all the Campaigns and you want to display only the active campaigns you can simply select Active from the Status drop down list, as highlighted in the below screenshot and you will be displayed with only the active campaigns.

Once you have the active campaigns as shown in the below screenshot, you can check the total number of calls made under the Dials columns and how many of them were Answered, and even how the calls made were marked under different call results The Agents column gives the total number of agents assigned for each campaign and the Contacts column will show the count of total contacts attached to the campaign.  The column Completed confirms if all the contacts under the campaign were dialed and there is no pending dial or pending redial left.

In the top right hand corner, you can check the campaigns as per the specific date range.

Once you have the data filtered as per desired time period that you were looking for you can simply click on Export button to simply download the results of your Campaigns report.