Under "Reports" (Or "Recent Contacts" if you're an agent) then "Recent Contacts", you'll be able to view all of the recent outbound and inbound calls made within your team. You can also export the results that you have filtered out from the report and even edit the call results and listen to call recordings!

Start by going to "Reports" in your menu, then click on "Recent Contacts".

On Recent Contacts report page you will see the Agent information for the connected calls, Call Type showing whether the call was inbound or outbound, Date/Time when the call was made, Call From shows the phone number from which the call was actually dialed within your campaign, Customer Number shows the phone number of the lead that has been dialed, Customer Name shows the Contact Name that was dialed, Mood shows the mood of the call that Agent has identified during dispositioning the call, under Campaign it shows the Campaign name dialing which the phone number was dialed, Call Result is the result that your Agent selected during dispositioning the call and then Duration which shows the number of minutes/seconds the call was connected. 

You can click on the speaker icon which will open a small player on screen to let you listen to the call recording, as showing the below screenshot. 

For calling recordings to play, it is important to enable call recording under Campaign Advanced Configuration settings.

If you find your Agent selected the incorrect call result and you want to change it you can simply click on the pencil icon against each result and the CALL RESULT pop-up will display as shown in the below screenshot and you can change accordingly, as displays in the below screenshot. 

Recent Contacts report enables you to select the date range for the calls to display so that you can calculate easily the connected calls rate for a certain time period, as shown in the below screenshot. 

In the Recent Contacts report, you can use the filter feature to filter the calls based on call types if you wish to see only inbound or outbound calls only, as highlighted in the below screenshot. 

You can also look for calls made by any specific Agent of yours by selecting the Agent name under filter's Agents option, as shown in the below screenshot. 

You can also filter the Recent Contacts Report for specific duration of the calls as shown in the below screenshot.  You have options as Less than 30 seconds, 30 seconds-1min and more than those 2 options, as shown in the below screenshot.

As shown in the below screenshot, you can also filter the calls by specific Campaign name so that you can calculate the results for any particular campaign as how it is performing. 

You can also use filter to display the calls according to the specific mood assigned to the calls by your Agent, as shown in below screenshot.