Replacing your phone numbers is a great way to get fresh numbers if you don't mind them having the same area code as the one you're replacing! We highly recommend you do this instead of deleting phone numbers especially if you have the advanced phone reputation add on. Replacing will keep your slot and monitor the new number and deleting will keep the slot in use until the next billing period and you won't be able to use that slot till it frees up. You can also have this done for you automatically with the "phone auto-replacement" option in your phone numbers section.

Start by going to "phone system" in your menu, then to "phone numbers". Don't have phone numbers yet? Click here to learn how to add them.

Replacing a single phone number:

Click on the 3 dots next to the number you'd like to replace, the click "replace number".

NOTE: replacing a phone number will charge you $4.00 and will keep the same area code of the phone number you're replacing. If you have the "advanced phone reputation" add on, replacing phone numbers WILL keep your slot and will monitor the new number.

Replacing multiple phone numbers:

Simply click on the boxes to the left of each phone number you'd like to replace, then click "actions" and "replace".

Phone Auto replacement:

Having this option turned ON (toggle will be blue when active) will allow the system to auto replace numbers identified as unsafe. This will charge you $4 for each phone number when replaced.