The administrator Dashboard will provide all important information you're likely to want to view quickly. Segregated into 2 parts LIVE and MAIN.  On the LIVE page, you'll be able to monitor all live calls and the MAIN page will display information about your agents productivity, campaigns, call connect rates, and much more. This guide will break down all capabilities available.

As soon as you login as Admin, you'll see your dashboard by default. The phone numbers being dialed by your Agent(s) and will display under the LIVE tab as shown in the screenshot below. In addition to the Call Status, Phone Type and Phone Numbers that are being dialed, you'll also see the duration and once it is connected you will have option to listen, barge-in or whisper to your agent within the live call to help him assist better. The image below also shows you how many numbers being dialed, number of calls ringing to be answered.  Once it is connected the On Call count will also show the count and In Queue is being connected count.

To "Listen in" on a live call, click on the speaker icon next to your call of choice (shown in the image below).

This will allow you to listen to the live call without the contact or your agent being able to hear you!

To "Barge in" on a live call, click on the microphone icon next to your call of your choice (shown in image below).

This will allow you to enter the call live where the contact and your agent will be able to hear you and talk with you.

To "Whisper" on a live call, click on the ear icon next to the call of your choice (shown in image below).

This will allow only your agent to hear you so you can help them on their call without the contacting hearing you.

Scroll to the bottom of the "Live" page and you'll be able to see where all of your agents are currently spending their time.

Under the "Main" dashboard, the following points of data will be displayed based of the filters you use in the top right hand corner (agents, campaigns and date range):

  • Outbound Calls - This will show the total outbound calls made based on what you filtered 
  • Connected Calls - How many of calls made were connected with a contact
  • Average Call Duration - How long connected calls last on average
  • Average Agent Wait Time - How long your agents wait to be connected with a contact on average
  • Abandon Rate - The percentage of contacts that are being dropped of a connected call / dropped off
  • Active Campaigns - This will show you how many campaigns are currently being actively dialed on
  • Leads Generated - How many contacts turned into "Leads" - this is based on call results used at the end of a connected call. If a call result (like "successful sale") has a rule to "mark as lead" it will show here.
  • Connect Rate - The percentage of calls being connected with a live contact - This can vary based on several factors, such as how good your phone numbers are, how many phone numbers you're using in a campaign, if your contact list has quality information, campaign settings etc.
  • Dialing Time - How long your team has dialed in total based on the filters you set (like date range etc)
  • Average Calls Per Agent - How many calls each agent is making on average 
  • Calls Per Connect - How many calls it take to connect with a contact on average
  • Voicemails Reached - How many contacts' voicemails have been reached in total

Calls Summary will break down amount of calls at specific times of day including, outbound calls made, inbound calls received, connected calls, abandoned calls and voicemails reached.

Call Results will show you how your team has been categorizing the total calls made. This can give you great insight on how the conversations are going with the contacts' in your campaign! Responsiveness will display where calls are being made geographically.

Average agent talk time will display the time each agent has spent talking broken down by time of day and amount of time.

Agent Analytics will show a deal of information on each agent including how many outbound calls they have made, how many inbound calls they've received, connect rate, voicemails reached, leads they have generated, how many connected calls it takes them to generate a lead, total call duration, average call duration and average time they spend with each contact.

Best Time to Call will display when contacts are picking up calls more frequently. This can give you a good idea of when your agents should be making their calls through the day.

Campaign Analytics will display the amount of agents you have in each campaign, remaining calls in each, leads generated from each campaign, voicemails reached, abandon rate and connect rate!