BatchDialer offers 2 plans. "Basic" and "Advanced". This guide will highlight features that are exclusive to the "Advanced" plan. If you need help with any other areas, please go to the main help center page HERE.

Advanced Plan Feature 1 - 60 included phone numbers per month, per agent

Each individual making calls in BatchDialer will have 60 INCLUDED phone numbers per month

You'll still need to go through the process of buying them, but will not be charged if within the 60 included numbers.

Having enough phone numbers is one of the best things you can do to see a high connection rates. If you have a large group of phone numbers to rotate through, you'll have a lower chance of getting flagged as "Spam Likely" by the phone carriers.

Advanced Plan Feature 2 - Phone Number Reputation Monitoring

The ability to monitor the reputation of up to 60 numbers per month per agent is INCLUDED. 

Through a partnership with CallerID Reputation, you can easily see the status of each of your phone numbers and if they have been flagged by specific carriers. This aids you in knowing if you need to replace a number or give a number a break from making calls for a while to keep it clean. If you have been flagged by a certain carrier, anyone who has that phone provider that receives a call from you will see you come up as "Spam Likely".

Advanced Plan Feature 3 - Phone Auto-Replacement 

Depending on your preference, there is a feature called "phone auto-replacement" that when turned on, will automatically replace any unsafe or flagged phone numbers. Each agent in the account will have 60 included replacements available per month. This ensures you're always using the cleanest phone numbers.

Advanced Plan Feature 4 - Rapid Fire Mode

Rapid Fire Mode is a feature that changes the dialing algorithm to ensure you are constantly dialing contacts, leaving no wasted time and allowing you to connect with more contacts quicker. If this setting is turned on, as soon as a line becomes available, the dialer will fill it in with another contacts on your list.

Advanced Plan Feature 5 - 5 Lines Per Agent

Your "Simultaneous dials per agent" setting indicates the amount of people an agent can dial at once (if using a "predictive mode" campaign). The advanced plan allow you to call up to 5 people at once time, helping you getthrough your campaigns quicker and connecting with more people

Advanced Plan Feature 6 - Smart Local Presence

With this feature enabled, the system will purposely use phone numbers you're dialing with that match the contacts area code (only applicable if you have a matching area code in your pool of numbers)

For example, if you are currently dialing a contact and their phone number is 480-555-5555, and you currently own a few phone numbers with a (480) area code, BatchDialer will use those, which will increase the chances of your contacts answering and the area code will be familiar to them. If you don;t have a matching area code number, the system will rotate your numbers normally.


Advanced Plan Feature 7 - Team Chat

The team chat allows you to communicate with your team right within your account. This way everyone can stay focused on their tasks within BatchDialer and can talk with the team without leaving the software.