This guide will you show you how to sync and connect your BatchLeads and BatchDialer accounts, map out what will happen to your contacts in BatchLeads after you've called them in BatchDialer and how to Push lists from BatchLeads to BatchDialer! We recommend you watch the video to understand the full process!


  • How to Sync BatchLeads and BatchDialer
  • How to Push Lists from BatchLeads to BatchDialer

Start by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of your BatchDialer account, then click "settings".

From there, click on "integrations" on the left and under the "marketplace" side, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "BatchLeads Integration" option. Click "Integrate".

After you click the "integrate" button, you'll see a page like the image below appear. Copy the API key it has displayed for you.

Now, go to your BatchLeads account. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner of your screen and click on "My workspace". From there, click on the "Integrations" button on the left. Scroll to the bottom of this integrations page and paste your API key from BatchDialer into the area that says "BatchDialer API Credential". After you've pasted your key, click on the blue arrow on the right to save the integration. 

Now that you've connected your accounts, go back to your BatchDialer account and click on the "integrate" button again. 

You'll be brought to page like the example image below. You'll be able to begin mapping what you would like to be automatically updated in your BatchLeads account when you use a certain call result. Note: This mapping will only work on any contact that you have pushed over from your BatchLeads account (past and future).

Tell the system what the lead status and phone number status should change to in BatchLeads when you use a certain call result in BatchDialer. (Please watch the video at the top of this article to see exactly how this will work).

Be sure to click the box at the bottom to "apply this mapping to sync the data in BatchLeads", then click "Save"!

In the example below, the user is mapping out that if they mark someone with a "Do not call" call result in BatchDialer, it will change that leads status to "not interested" and their phone number as "DNC".

This image shows the lead status and phone number status areas. These are the areas in BatchLeads that will change if you mapped it when integrating. The "Lead status" is in the top right hand corner of this property record and the "phone number status" will be next to all of the phone numbers on that contact. Once again these areas are the only ones that will be affected if mapped when a certain call result if used at the end of a call with that records number.

This will work for anyone you have pushed over to BatchDialer from BatchLeads.

To push contacts over to BatchDialer from BatchLeads, login to your BatchLeads account to start, then go to "My lists" in your menu.

You must already have a campaign created in BatchDialer to accomplish this, click here to learn how

NOTE: You must have already skip traced (obtained the contact information on) the addresses you're wanting to push to BatchDialer.

After filtering (optional), click small box near the top left hand corner to Select your Properties, then skip trace them to get their phone numbers if you haven't already.

After selecting the addresses of your choice, click "Actions", then "Add to BatchDialer" (shown in image below).

Choose an already created campaign here from your BatchDialer account and tell the system which phone numbers from your skip traced properties you'd like to include in the push. Click "Save" when done. That's it! Your list of contacts will now be attached to the campaign you chose in your BatchDialer account and you can start dialing!

Keep reading to learn a simple hack on how you can view which properties you've already pushed to BatchDialer!!

Keep reading to learn a simple hack on how you can view which properties you've already pushed to BatchDialer!!

TIP: Go to "My Lists" from your menu and click on "table configuration" near the top right hand corner (highlighted in image below).

You may need to scroll to find the "pushed to BatchDialer" option, but once you find it, ensure that you click on the eye icon so there is no line through it so you can begin viewing i on your table layout. You can also click the push pin icon next to the eye to bring it up to the top or you can drag it to a preferred position. Then click "apply" when done.

In this example, the user moved it's positioning to appear right after the Zip code column so it's easy to see and filter out the properties that have or have not pushed to BatchDialer! Click on the stack of lines in the column to filter properties you have and have not pushed!