Advanced Phone Reputation is only available in BatchDialer Advanced Plans & Includes:

  • Phone number reputation pre-screening on all 60 included numbers in your plan per agent for no cost
  • Daily Monitoring of phone number spam score rating
  • Auto-replacement (if turned on) of phone numbers that are marked as spam

Go to "Phone system" in your menu, the "phone numbers". Don't have phone numbers yet? Click here to learn how to add them. After you add phone numbers, you'll see a dash (shown in image below) next to your numbers under the reputation column. You MUST select the phone numbers you'd like monitored and activate it manually.

In the example image below, all the numbers with a shield icon next to numbers already are being monitored and the user just purchased a new number which is not being monitored yet.

To activate it, either click on the 3 dots to the right of the chosen number and click "monitor reputation" or you can bulk select with the boxes on the left of multiple numbers and click "actions" at the top of the list of your numbers and bulk add them to monitoring.

Once you have selected the phone number for the Reputation Monitoring it will either turn the Reputation to Green if the Phone number is SAFE or Red if the phone number is already marked as SPAM by most of the carriers. You can always hover over the question mark next to the "reputation" column to see how it marks your phone numbers.

The phone number will auto-replace when marked as SPAM if you have set the Phone Auto-Replacement as ON (Must be turned on manually). 

One of the great features with adding the phone number for Reputation Monitoring is that it will show you results for each carrier as how the phone number will display at different carriers' end.  These results display as soon as you hover your mouse pointer on the Green icon under Reputation.

At the top of the screen you'll be able to see:

Phone Reputation Usage - This will display the usage of the Subscription limit which is 15 in this case and 12 numbers are already been added for the Reputation Monitoring.

Clean Numbers - This will display how many numbers are clean out of the phone numbers added for the monitoring.

Flagged / Flagged in past 24hrs / Flagged in past 7 days - This will display any numbers flagged by the providers in total, in the past day and past week