If you're an agent, you most likely don't have the permission in your account (given by the admin) to create or edit campaigns, but it's still important to understand the information displayed under campaigns!

This can also be helpful if you're an admin!

Columns of information and what they mean:

  • Mode - How the campaign will dial the contacts
    • Magic Wand - This symbolizes a "predictive" campaign. This means that when you start dialing, the system will automatically pick up the next contact(s) until you're connected with someone 
    • Eye Icon - This symbolizes a "preview" campaign. This means that when you start dialing, you will have to click "Next Contact" to get to the single person you'll be calling manually. You'll have all of the time in the world to preview their information before you choose to click the "Call button". 
  • Status - What's currently happening with the campaign. You may see the following:
    • No Active Agents - This means no one is currently making a live call at this time
    • No DID's - This means there are no phone numbers attached to the campaign - contact your admin
    • Out of Leads - This means there are not enough or no more contacts attached to dial - contact admin
    • After Hours - This means your admin has set certain hours you can make calls and it's not within set time currently
  • Total Leads - This number will never change. The total number of contacts connected to the campaign
  • Pending Dials - This number will go down as you begin making calls - pending calls
  • Pending Redials - This number sometimes may be even be larger than "Pending dials". For example, when you make a call on a contact that has 3 phone numbers in total and they don't answer, it will most likely put that number back into the call queue to try again later and it will include the 2 other numbers on that contact you need to call as well
  • Deals - Once you start dialing and if you have any successful calls or any calls you mark with a "call result" that has a rule to "Mark as Lead" - learn more about call results here
  • Answered - Will show the number of calls that have been answered by the contact so far
  • Voicemail - How many contacts' voicemails you reached
  • Abandon - Any contacts that were dropped when you connected with someone else. They will most likely be put back in the queue depending on the settings your admin applied in the campaign
  • DNC - Any contacts you talked to that you marked as "Do not Call" that do not wish to be contacted again
  • DNR - Any contacts that were marked with a call result that tells the system "Do not Redial" like someone you connected to that you don't need to call again