Zapier is a software that acts as a middle man between BatchDialer and your CRM. If you use Podio as your CRM, please see THIS guide instead. Zapier has the ability to connect with over 5,000 softwares and you can create a free account here.

Start by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner, then go to "settings" to reach out to your settings page.

While on the settings page, click on the INTEGRATIONS button to navigate to integrations as shown in the below screen.  You will notice the Marketplace tab where all available integrations are shown.

You will have to click on the Integration Keys to create new key for Zapier integration by clicking on ADD INTEGRATION KEY button, as shown in the below screen.

As soon as you click on the ADD NEW INTEGRATION KEY a pop-up will appear as below where you will only have to enter the name for the integration key and click on SAVE button.

Once you hit the SAVE button you will notice a new key with the name Zapier is created and now you can click on the eye icon and then copy the icon to copy the integration key to use during Zapier integration.

Log into you Zapier account and go to "My Apps" on the left. Click on "Add Connection" in the top right hand corner (shown in image below).

After clicking "Add Connection", search for BatchDialer and select it in the drop down (shown below).

Paste the API key from your BatchDialer account into the blank provided, then click "Yes, Continue"

Once successfully connected, click on "Create Zap" in the top right hand corner (shown in image below).

Once directed to the page shown in the image below, search from BatchDialer and select it.

Choose the event (there's only one option) that will need to occur in your BatchDialer account in order to push a contact to your CRM. Click "Continue"

Under "choose account", select your connected account then click "continue"

Click "Test Trigger". Haven't made any calls yet to test your trigger off of? Watch THIS

A successful trigger will look like what's shown in the image below. If it fails, you can either skip the step or if you want to be sure it's working properly, learn more about how to make test calls HERE . Click Continue

Search for your CRM and select it. The example below is showing Podio, but BatchDialer has a direct integration with Podio, so if this is the CRM you use, watch this guide instead

This is where you may see different options depending on your CRM. In this example, with the user connecting podio they will tell the system to "Create an Item" when they send contacts to Podio. Click "continue" once you've selected an event.

You'll then be asked to sign into your CRM. Click "Sign in". After you sign in, click "continue".

You'll then need to set up the action and map up out the data that you'd like to push to your CRM when a contact is triggered. This will be different depending on the CRM you chose. Watch the video at the top of this guide to learn more. Click "continue" when done mapping.

After you've mapped that contact data you'd like to push to your CRM from BatchDialer, Click "Test action".

Now to complete the integration, click "Publish Zap". Watch the video at the top of this guide to learn how to push contacts to your CRM when you start dialing!