The calendar is a great tool to help you stay on top of your upcoming events, appointments and follow ups! This guide is displayed in the admin account, so if you're an agent, keep in mind that you may have less permissions and visibility here.

Click on the calendar icon in the top right hand corner of your screen to view the information for your team and what's coming up on the schedule.

Administrators can see everyone's appointments and follow ups but agents will mot likely only see their own depending on their accounts set permissions.

You can filter out what has happened in the past, what coming up in the present and what is scheduled for future in the top left corner! You can filter by agent, event type and due date as well.

Click on the "add new" button to create a new appointment / follow up.

Name the event, choose the type, choose the contact the event is for, the description, date and time and assign it to the agent of your choice.

NOTE: Agents can also schedule things for other agents, but once it is scheduled, they won't be able to see it on their own calendar unless its assigned to them depending on their permissions.

if you click on an appointment already set, you'll see the additional information and you can click on the expand button next to the contacts' name to open their contact card! 

TIP: If you schedule an appointment for someone else in your team, we recommend you let them know in the team chat!