If you have additional team members outside of the dialer (like a member of your acquisitions team) and would like to be able to transfer calls to them if a contact is interested in what you're offering etc, the administrator will fist need to add them to the address book so agents can transfer calls! This guide will first show how admins will need to add people to the address book, then how agents can successfully transfer calls! 

Start by going to your name in the top right hand corner, then go to "settings". From there, go to "address book".

Click on "Add new contact" in the top right hand corner then add the name, phone number and description of the representative you'd like your agents to transfer calls to. After they have been added, you agents can now transfer calls! Keep reading to see how!

Once on a connected call, click the side arrow button (shown in image below). Don't know how to start dialing? Click HERE

After clicking on the transfer button, you'll have 2 options

  • Blind - click the drop down and choose the team member from address book and this will immediately disconnect you from the contact and they will wait to be connected to the person you transferred the call to. Click confirm once selected.

  • Attended - Click the drop down and choose the team member from address book and this will ring the person with you still on the call so you can smoothly pass them off, ensuring they have been connected before you disconnect . Click confirm once selected.