This guide will show you how to edit your users permissions and if you're an admin, the bottom of this guide will you show you how to enable or disable dialing capabilities on your own account so you can either turn it off to free up the space for another agent or turn it on to also make calls!

Start by going to "users" in your menu and click on the 3 dots next to the user you'd like to edit permissions for.

Depending on the type of user they are (admin, supervisor or agent) they will have different permissions that may or may not ever have access to. Simply hover over the grey subtraction symbols next to a permission to see if you can give them access. If you need to give a user permission to something their account can't have, you may want to even change the type of user they are under "user role".

Admins - Can do everything (including dialing if the feature is turned on)

Supervisors - Can do most things but will never be able to dial

Agents - Have to have the ability to dial and have much most limited permissions.

TIP: If an admin had dialing capabilities but wants to give the seat to someone else, they can edit themselves and turn it off! Click the 3 dots next to your name then "edit"

Go to "Agent Features" and choose if you'd like to enable or disable it. Note: if you're wanting to enable it, you must have a dialing seat available in your billing or add one.