BatchDialer allows you to add different types of users for different purposes. First, will you be adding individuals into your account to dial or just to run reports? As an admin, will you be the only one dialing or will your agents?

This guide will show you how to add other administrators, supervisors and agents as well as a few pro tips!

Start by going to "Users" in your menu on the left. Click "Add New" near the top right to add a user (highlighted in the image below).

TIP: Add a "user group" near the bottom right of this page to organize your team members to make selecting them for campaigns in the future super simple! For example, you could make a "morning" and "afternoon" group for your agents if you have people dialing in different shifts!

After clicking "Add New" you'll need to create your team members login and set the appropriate permissions to fit their role. NOTE: The email and password you set will be their login information

For "User Role" you can choose Agent, Supervisor or Administrator (you can customize which permissions each user has access to, however, certain roles can will never have access to certain permissions)

If you allowed certain edit rights to your Agent/Supervisor and want to remove it immediately, you can use the option under Permissions, the READ will not let them edit anything but if WRITE is selected the permissions allowed will work for them without any restriction.

Agents - You must have enough seats in your plan to accommodate adding an agent to dial, which is billed monthly 

Supervisors - Supervisors have no option to dial, so you can add as many as you'd like with no additional billing

Additional Administrators - Administrators have full access to what you choose in the account and you can decide if they will have dialing capabilities or not. If they will be dialing, you must have enough seats for them to do so.

TIP: If you, as the admin, will not be dialing, you can "disable" your "agent features" (dialing abilities) and use the seat for a user you'd like to add to dial (see video above to learn how)