Once you have imported contacts into your account, you can take a deeper look at their information. This will be shown automatically when a contact answers the phone when a team member starts dialing on campaigns.

Go to "Contacts" in your menu.

You can search for specific contacts by name, address or phone number and within a specific list

You will also have the ability to filter contacts by if you'd dialed them already, how many times you've called them, their lead score, if they were marked as a successful sale ("sale made only" shown below) and if you made an appointment with the contact.

Click on the contact's name to open their information.

Once you've opened their contact card you'll be able to see your script to the right, their address, what contact list they came from, their phone numbers (where you can edit info if you have the permission to do so).

You can also click on the blue calendar button to schedule an appointment which will be tied to the calendar.

Under "Property Details" you'll be able to view photos of the property, the location, value, mortgage and debt summary, MLS data, Distress indicators, beds/baths, if it's vacant, how long it has been owned and more! You can also always use the "google maps" or "zillow" button to get more into if needed in the top right hand corner.

Under "activites, you'll be able to see all outbound and inbound calls made between this contact and what "call results" or dispositions where left on past calls.

Under "campaigns" you'll find similar information that "activites" displays but you'll also be able to find and listen to the call recording is applicable from past calls (the blue "speaker" button next to the past call, shown below).

Under "Notes" you can view past left notes and leave additional if needed.

"Lead Sheets" will only show if the administrator has created one and attached it to a campaign the contact is part of. This is a seriously underutilized feature and can make it easier for your team to know what information they should be aiming to obtain while on a connected call and they can simply fill out the sheet. Learn more here