Trying to get as many leads out of your campaigns as you can? Recycling or calling a campaign might be what you're looking for! What's the difference? Great question.

Recycling a campaign - This gives you more control over exactly who you're planning on reaching out to again based on the call results that were used previously.

Calling a campaign again - Other than contacts that you previously marked successful connection or DNC, the system will reset the previously set call results on all other contacts

To recycle a campaign, start by going to "campaigns" in your menu. If you click on the 3 dots to the right of an existing campaign, you'll be able to edit it, recycle it, call it again, import more contacts, archive it, view its reports/changelog. 

Click on "recycle".

Source Campaign - Choose the campaign you'd like to recycle calls from - The original Campaign settings will be applied

New Campaign Name - Name the new campaign whatever you'd like to keep track

Start and End Date - Choose if you'd like to only include contacts called within a specific data range

Call Results - All calls that were marked with the call result you choose here are the ones that will be added to the recycled campaign ( in the image below - the user is including everyone that they didn't reach with call results like "voicemail", "no answer", "abandoned" etc)

Use lists from - Choose any additional lists you'd like to include that also had the same call results you selected above to include in the campaign

You will also have the ability to skip any contacts that were marked as a "Lead" and as "Do not Redial".

When done, click "Save Campaign".

Example of what a recycled campaign looks like:

To "Call again", click on the 3 dots to the right of an existing campaign and click "Call again".

The system will ask you to confirm and tell you that all call results previously used will be reset on all contacts except for successful connection or contacts marked as DNC. Click "OK" if you'd like to proceed.

In the image below, take notice to the current numbers broken down before the campaign is marked as "call again". All numbers here will be reset except for "Deals", "Answered", "DNC" and "DNR".