Q. What is BatchDialer? 

  1. BatchDialer is the ultimate dialing system that helps salespeople generate leads and make calls quickly and efficiently.  With the industry's first lead scoring ability, BatchDialer is the most powerful dialing system. BatchDialer is the industry's most innovative and unique dialing system. 

Q. What setup do I need to use BatchDialer? 

  1. Batch Dialer is entirely web-based and designed to be used with Google Chrome. All you will need is a computer with Google Chrome and an internet connection that has at least 10Mbps upload/download.

Q. How does lead scoring work? 

  1. Lead scoring works by allowing users to rate their leads based on preset criteria within BatchDialer. Once the leads are rated, the users would have an option to change the calling order to go based on the scores.

Q. What if I have a team? 

  1. BatchDialer is designed so that you can support multiple agents (callers) within 1 account. Having multiple users allows you to better understand, track and manage agents. Managing agents has never been simpler. 

Q. Is there training involved? Can I get an onboarding call? 


  1. We offer a free initial onboarding call as well as a series of ongoing training sessions for you & your team. There are 2 Q&A sessions per week along with 1 VA training class per week that any of our customers are free to join.