Talking time is the timeframe of how long you or your agent is connected to a lead.

Active Calls are the number of calls that are currently connected to your agents

Active campaign is the number of campaigns active at the campaign icon.

Missed calls are dialed calls that are not being answered by the leads.

Abandoned calls are answered calls but are not connected to the agent. The system drops the call based on the set abandonment timeout if it is not yet connected to the agent.

Remaining redials is the number of leads the system will call again after all leads are already called.

Online Agents are numbers of agents active during the time

Remaining Leads are the number of leads left that the system will call.

In queue are a number of leads waiting to be connected to your agents.

Paused Agents is when your agent is not on available status

Dialing Ratio shows the number of dials made by the system per campaign

Average Agent Wait Time is the duration wherein your agent is waiting for a lead to be connected.