Greetings and warm welcome to our community! We're excited to offer you an onboarding session to kickstart your journey with our system seamlessly. 

For accounts under Trial and Basic plans, we have an onboarding session that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Our knowledgeable representative will walk you through the initial setup and functionalities in a group call, welcoming up to four participants. Feel free to invite your team members to enhance the onboarding experience. Schedule your session at your convenience by visiting the calendar : SCHEDULE HERE. Choose a date and time that suits you best!  

Alternatively, as part of your advanced plan, we present a personalized onboarding session designed to give you a deep dive into our system's setup and advanced features. Led by our expert representative, this 45-minute call offers you the chance to ask questions and seek clarifications in a group setting, accommodating up to two participants. Schedule your session by visiting calendar : SCHEDULE HERE. Find a date and time that works best for you and elevate your experience with BatchDialer!

Note: Sessions can only be scheduled on weekdays.