Freshsales-BatchDialer integration allow you to seamlessly sync contacts seamlessly between your BatchDialer and Freshsales accounts. To configure this integration, follow the steps below.

On Freshsales


In order to sync contacts from BatchDialer to Freshsales, ensure the “Unique” option is checked under the Mobile field in your Freshsales account. To do this:

  1. Navigate to your Admins Settings page and select Contacts under the “CRM Modules and Automation” section.

  2. Under the Mobile field, ensure that the “Unique” option is checked.

Note: It may take a few minutes before this change is implemented. Freshsales will send you an email once this change is complete.


Step 1: Access BatchDialer app from the Freshworks app marketplace

  1. Sign in to your Freshsales account

  2. Navigate to the app marketplace - [url with BatchDialer app]

    1. Go to your Admin Settings

    2. Select Marketplace Apps under the “Integrations” section

  3. Select the BatchDialer listing and click on Install

Step 2: Connect both Freshsales and BatchDialer accounts

  1. Enter your Freshsales Domain

  2. Enter your Freshsales API key

    1. Click your Profile picture and select Settings

    2. Click the API settings tab. You can find the API key provided to you in the field Your API key. Click Copy to copy the key to your clipboard.

  3. Click Connect

  4. Enter your BatchDialer API key

    1. Go to your BatchDialer account navigate to the Settings –> Integrations page

    2. Click the Integration Keys tab

    3. Add an integration key for your Freshsales integration

    4. Copy the newly created Freshsales API key and paste into Freshsales

  5. Click Connect and Next

Step 3: Data Sync Configuration

In this section, there are three sub tabs with options to help customize how you want to configure your data syncing.

  1. Contacts to sync tab - configuration for the data sync direction and schedule

    1. Must select option from Freshsales Filters and BatchDialer Campaign

    2. Click Next. Number of contacts that will be synced between both accounts are displayed.

    3. Click Next again.

  2. Fields to sync tab - configuration for which fields to map between Freshsales and BatchDialer

  3. When to sync tab - configuration for which actions should trigger a data sync between the two apps

Step 4: Complete Installation

  1. Click the Install button. Once the app is successfully installed, the bidirectional data sync between your Freshsales and BatchDialer accounts will occur. Note: It may take a couple of minutes to complete.


  1. When updating the only mobile number of an existing contact in either BatchDialer or Freshsales, a new contact is created in the other app – rather than being updated.

  2. You cannot sync international phone numbers from Freshsales to BatchDialer – only 10-digit phone numbers may be synced.