Slack-BatchDialer integration lets you sync all your contacts between BatchDialer and Mailchimp. It also allows for unidirectional campaign sync from BatchDialer to Mailchimp, along with call logs.

To configure this integration, follow the steps below - 

On BatchDialer

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Step 1: Access the integration marketplace in your BatchDialer account

  • Login to your BatchDialer account.
  • Head on to your profile and click on settings.
  • On the settings page, select the Integrations tab, where you'll find the Integration Marketplace.
  • Click on the view button next to Slack's integration in the Marketplace.

Step 2: Access & choose the relevant integration

  • Upon viewing the Slack's integration in BatchDialer's Integrations Marketplace, you'll see an array of options for integrations to choose from.
    You may choose to install various integrations between BatchDialer & Slack separately, or you may choose to install the entire bundle in a single click. The various integration options available are as follows -
    • BatchDialer to Slack
      • Sync Follow up calls
        Syncs follow up calls every 5 minutes.
      • Sync Appointments
        Syncs Appointments every 5 minutes.
      • Sync Tasks
        Syncs Tasks every 5 minutes.
    • BatchDialer to Slack Bundle

Step 3: Installing an integration & Slack's authorization

  • Click on Install next to any of the integrations that you desire between Slack and BatchDialer

  • You'll be asked to authorize the integration by logging in to your Slack account. Click on sign in.

  • A popup window will open, where you'll need to enter the workspace's slack URL.
If you don't see the popup, check if the popups are being blocked by your browser.

  • After entering your slack workspace URL, you'll be requested to sign in using your email ID registered in the same slack workspace.

  • After entering your email ID, a verification code will be sent to your email ID by slack for assisting with login. Please enter the 6-character code sent to your email.

  • After successfully entering the correct code, you'll be requested to grant relevant permissions to BatchDialer. Click on Allow.

  • the popup window will request to open and/or redirect you to slack. Click 'Open Slack'

  • After accepting, the popup window will be automatically closed and you'll be redirected to the Slack Integrations' homepage. You'll notice that the install button has now been replaced with a Stop button, with an additional option to uninstall the integration. Also, there'll be a green dot on the top left corner of the integration that was just installed, signifying that everything is working as expected.

We'll be adding a video here shortly to further help you with installing this integration.