New year - new goals! The team has been hard at work this season with another jam-packed release that we’re excited to present.

Let’s dive in!

Campaign Creation Re-Design

The New Year brings change, and you’ll love the changes we’re bringing to the Campaign Creation. We’ve completely re-designed the campaign creation process, making it easier than ever to get your campaigns up and running. Try the new step-by-step wizard with guiding tips and an all-in-one, single-page layout that lets you create new users, purchase phone numbers, bulk import contacts and more.This enhancement is for both existing users as well as new ones.

Draft Campaign

You will not lose your work with campaigns by saving them along the way. Our new campaign creation layout comes with a much-needed draft feature: save your campaign at any step and return to it later. With the new draft feature you can return to your editing from the campaign list anytime, with draft campaigns that are positioned at the top of your campaign list, making your system clean and organized.

UI Enhancements

Our analytics team has been working tirelessly to improve your experience with our platform. With this release you’ll see new layouts for some of the most-used features: Creating new users, Phone purchasing flow, Bulk contact importing, Agent script creation, and more! We will be happy to get your feedback for to know how new functionalities will improve your current campaign setup process. 

Search Recent Contacts

It is now possible to search Contacts in Recent contacts to navigate to the client faster without searching manually.

BatchDialer Developer Portal

If you use any of the BatchDialer APIs, you’re going to want to see this. We’ve released our Developer Portal, which includes detailed API documentation for all of our API endpoints! Navigate to BatchDialer|Stoplight to see a Getting Started page on how to provision your API token, and use the in-app “Try It” tools to test-run the APIs.