New features, new improvements, new designs  BatchDialer is continuously working to ensure that your productivity is always at the top. This release has everything that you may have wished for.

Infinite Campaign Recycle

Any Campaign can be recycled an unlimited number of times. You can recycle the original campaign or its recycled version from any level (recycle round), which will get an indicator right in the Campaign List table. The recycling process was also redesigned to make it simple but complete so that you can get your campaign contact list to perfection. Don’t even let a single lead escape!

Agent Timer on the Floor Map

It’s not always easy to keep track of your whole team when you have a large call center with dozens or even hundreds of Agents. From now on, we will make it easy for you to know every Agents’ time on their current status right on the floor map. You can get a whole picture of your operation from anywhere with our enhanced “Office Imitator”.

Enhanced User Management

Fewer clicks will make your work more efficient! We have redesigned a User List section to ease the control of your Agents. You can check the current status of each one in the table view, along with their inbound and outbound connection quality. This feature will help you identify any network or microphone issues per Agent and solve them in no time. Don’t let your campaign stop generating those valuable leads!

Quick Voicemail Access

You can listen to voicemails with volume management, download it or search right from the chat window. We would love to get your feedback on it to continue to make it better!

Push Lead Sheets to a CRM

It’s always great to be synchronized between all your working tools. With this new feature, you can send any newly filled-up by Agent data nodes - right to your CRM. Create unlimited custom fields with our Lead Sheet constructor, let your Agents get data from a contacted lead and immediately push it to your previously integrated CRM. Clean and synced data is the first step for any successful operation.

Enhanced Heat Map Layout

Full control on your Agents just got better! New design adjustments for Agent Statuses will have a big impact on your operational analysis, which will save you time, money and high rocket your effectiveness.