New features, new improvements, new designs  BatchDialer is continuously working to ensure that your productivity is always at the top. This release has everything that you may have wished for.

Enhanced Agent Heat Map

A color-coded heat map is the best way for you to monitor the performance of your Agents. Our last version empowered you by giving you a granular view of how much time your agents spend on their calls. It’s even better now, as you can print this report so that you can keep a record and analyze it better.

Automatic Agent Logout on Inactivity

BatchDialer is an intelligent platform that wishes to give its users the best and the most accurate metrics. That is why we have enabled an automatic Agent inactivity logout feature. The system will prompt Agents whenever it detects 30 minutes of inactivity. If the Agent doesn’t click on the button after 20 seconds to confirm that they are still active, the system will log them out. You now get more accurate reports to monitor agent performance and save more money!

Campaign Name Will Autofill on Recycling

BatchDialer takes care of even the most minor fixes so that you as a user are required to do the least. Now, when you recycle a campaign, the new ‘Campaign Name’ in the Recycle dialog box will automatically get prefilled with the initial campaign name and the number of times the campaign has been recycled. You can, of course, edit it and change the name to whatever you want.

Agents Allowed to Edit Contact Information While on Call

As an Admin, now you can give your Agents permission to edit contact information even when they are on a call. You can enable this option from the User Menu. Use this amazing feature to update contact information in real-time.