Check out our latest release! We have some exciting enhancements that are sure to scale your productivity by the minute. You have to check them out to believe what we are talking about.

Let’s dive deep in!

Effective Agent Monitoring

Boost your Agents’ productivity through the improved Agent Heat Map section. Get a granular view of how much time your Agents spend on the calls they make, scaling up to the minute to track their work. The enhanced feature will also give you the ability to view user changes and statuses as well. Export Agents’ performance reports as a .csv file or an image to monitor their performance and train accordingly.

Speed Test on BatchDialer

Your convenience is our ultimate goal. As part of this, we have introduced a new Call Quality work panel that also hosts a network testing tool to check your connection speed in real-time—no need to route to any third-party speed test tool anymore.

Connect Better With Valid Calls

We want to be as informative and useful to our users as we can. With this goal in mind, we are striving to ensure that we can help you detect invalid contact numbers. We have reduced the count of rejected calls to 5%. We hope to improve our score even more in the future.

Improved Voicemail Detection

We have completely removed the silent calls and improved voicemail detection by up to 7%. Isn’t that cool? The new BatchDialer release will also help detect answering machines better so that Agents can boost their productivity with live calls.