We’re back with a lot of improvements in the designs and a new bunch of new features to make your BatchDialer experience an exciting one. 

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Account Manager Information in Settings

Need more information about your Account Manager? All you need to do is go to the User Settings panel and you will be able to see all the details that you need (name, email address and phone number).


Event Calendar Gets a Facelift 

Who doesn’t like a makeover? Even if it is for an event calendar. We’ve given a whole new fresh and ordered look to the event calendar section that is sure to leave a smile on your face. You can now categorize and prioritize your events with the color of your choice. We’ve also added the Follow-Up Call event right from the Contact Details section with custom reminders. Go ahead and filter by current/past/future events, stay organized and up-to-date with your pending tasks! 

Microphone Tester & Call Quality Monitoring 

We are committed to providing you the best and that is why we keep coming up with enhancements to enliven your experience. Your agents will now have the perfect tool to talk to prospects as they can test their microphone and internet speed before a call. Monitor the quality of the agent’s calls and help them improve. 

Keep a Tab on Dial Counts 

Monitor and keep a track of your campaigns. Just go to the Campaigns page and view the number of campaigns that have been dialed completely.