Take control of your reputation! This add-on helps you manage your reputation by monitoring the health of your outbound calls and call connections, pulling information from multiple sources, including call centers, carriers, and third-party apps.

This includes:

Phone number reputation pre-screening.

Daily Monitoring of phone number spam score rating.

Auto-replacement of phone numbers that are marked as spam.

While being on your Dashboard you can navigate to the Add-on page by clicking on the Add ons link in the main menu as shown in the below screenshot.

Once you click on the Add-ons link you will be directed to the below page where you can enable the Advanced Phone Reputation subscription by clicking on the button in the highlighted box in the below screenshot.

You can also enable the Advanced Phone Reputation addon by navigating to Phone System by clicking on the link in your main menu as shown in the below screenshot.

As soon as you navigate to the Phone System you can see your Phone Numbers showing grey status and when you hover your mouse pointer over it, will show you the subscription information if you have not yet subscribed for the Advanced Phone Reputation Add-on within BatchDialer.

As soon as you click on the grey status icon the subscription window will appear as shown below screenshot which can be enabled by clicking on the CONFIRM button at the bottom of the subscription pop-up.  For $49 you can monitor 15 numbers and if you wish to monitor more than 15 you can click on the sign for subscribing for additional phone numbers reputation monitoring.

Once you have subscribed for the Advanced Phone Reputation, you will be able to add the phone number for Monitoring Reputation by clicking on 3 dots in front of each number and click on Monitor Reputation.

Once you have selected the phone number for the Reputation Monitoring it will either turn the Reputation to Green if the Phone number is SAFE or Red if the phone number is already marked as SPAM by most of the carriers.  The phone number will auto-replace when marked as SPAM if you have set the Phone Auto-Replacement as ON. 

One of the great features while adding the phone number for Reputation Monitoring is that it will show you results for each carrier as how the phone number will display at different carriers' end.  These results display as soon as you hover your mouse pointer on the Green icon under Reputation.

The highlighted details in the below screenshot display the usage of the Subscription limit which is 15 in this case and 13 numbers are already been added for the Reputation Monitoring.

The highlighted details in the below screenshot display how many numbers are clean out of the phone numbers added for the monitoring.

The highlighted details in the below screenshot display how many numbers flagged by carriers since the system started monitoring the phone numbers and within last 24 hours or even in last 7 days time.