This guide will show you how to start dialing in using "predictive" mode when you have the single line dialer.

If you have the multi line dialer, click HERE

This guide applies to BOTH agents and administrators (anyone who will making the calls in the account). 

If you're an administrator, don't miss out on setting up other important settings BEFORE you or your agents begin dialing. Click HERE to learn more. You must already have a contact list upload and connected to an already created campaign.

Before you start, make sure you've given BatchDialer microphone access by simply clicking on the lock icon on the left of the web address and set the microphone dropdown to allow (shown in image below).

At this point, you should have already created the campaign you're planning on dialing. Start by opening your time card or status at the top on your screen (shown in image below).

Change your status to "available" to let the system know you're now ready to start dialing.

A pop up will appear and ask you which campaign you'd like to start calling on. Choose one of your predictive campaigns here with the "magic wand" icon next to it. (campaigns with the "eye" icon are "preview" campaigns)

After choosing the campaign, click "Confirm". 

NOTE: As soon as you click confirm, when using "predictive" mode, the dialer will automatically begin dialing your contacts

The dial pad will pop up and show as "off" until it picks up the contact. This will only take a few seconds.

With the single line dialer, you can only call 1 person at a time.

Once the contact appear in the yellow bubble, it will ring until someone answers the phone. If no one answers, it will simply pick up the next contact automatically.

As soon as someone answers, their contact card will pop up and you can read off of your script (if provided by the admin) as well as:

  • review the leads info
  • review property details
  • review activities
  • view the campaigns the contacts has been dialed on
  • review or leave notes
  • fill in lead sheets (if provided by the admin)

Once you finish the call and click the "hangup" or red phone button to end the call, you'll see your call results pop up.

These will pop up every time you end a call or any time someone hangs up on you. 

Select the result that describes the way the call went, leave a note and a mood, then click done.

(Call results have rules when selected. If you're an admin, click here to learn more)

After you click "done", the system will automatically pick up the next contact.

When you finish for the day, be sure to go up to your time card or status at the top of the screen and get out of "available". The predictive dialer will finish up the last contact you were in the middle of dialing and then shut "off".