BatchDialer has an amazing feature where you can score your leads with particular rules setup which determine and let you know about the score of your lead so that you can dial manually the leads with the highest score.

Once you logged in from the dashboard you can click on your username and select Settings from the drop-down menu, as highlighted in the below image.

Once you are on the Settings page you have to click on LEAD SCORE button which will navigate to the screen as shown in the below image.  You will see that 3 of the rules are already added to the LEAD SCORE, you can add new rule by clicking on the ADD NEW RULE button.

If you notice on the top highlighted section of the image below, the explanation of the score displayed as guidelines where 0-35 lead score represents COLD LEAD35-70 indicates WARM LEAD and finally, 75-100 indicates HOT LEAD.  As soon as you click on the ADD NEW RULE a new line will be added where you will select the field which you want to make based on which the lead score will variate.  Once you have filled in the information required you will hit the SAVE button to save the changes.

For the reference an example is also displayed on the screen as you see in the below image.  Where it is explained how actually the Lead Scoring works.

Once you have saved the Lead Score settings, you can see the Score column values might change as per the new settings that has to apply on the Contacts.