Agent Script feature in BatchDialer enables your Agents to have a ready script displayed when they are on the call with the Lead and they already know what important information they need to ask and how to start and end the conversation and then mark the lead call with the specific call result.

Once you are on the dashboard you can click on your username and select Settings as highlighted in the below image.

On the settings page, you will have the option to click on AGENT SCRIPTS which will direct you to the below screen.

Once you have clicked on the AGENT SCRIPTS option you will be directed to the screen shown in the below image.  If you notice you have related data tags already available to be added to your Agent Script.  For Example, if you use the tag of the First Name of the lead in the script so that each time when the LEAD is different the Agent Script shows the correct First Name of the lead which is actually on the Connected Call.

As shown in the below image, the script is Default Script which is already available to be used and if you notice the field tags are also used for your reference.  Once you make the changes as per your own Agent Script, you can click on SAVE button and save the script to be used in the Campaigs.

Once the Agent Script is ready, you can navigate to Campaigns page and then click on the campaign you want to add the script to.

On the Campaign settings page, you may select the Agent Script that you have saved earlier, as shown in the below image.  You can also click on the ADD NEW button to add a new script directly from here as well.