BatchDialer enables you to create voicemail to either drop to the answering machine or voicemail of the leads or let the inbound calls listen to the pre-recorded voicemails you setup.

Once you are logged into your account, you can click on your username which will display the menu and you will have to select Settings.

Once you have clicked on the Settings option you will see the page similar to the image below, where you will have to click on the VOICEMAIL button highlighted to record/upload new audio.

On the page below when you click on the NEW VOICEMAIL to save a new voicemail.

As soon as you click on the NEW VOICEMAIL button a pop-up window will open where you will have to enter the name of the voicemail of your choice and the email address where the voicemail will drop when someone reaches in and hears the same voicemail.

For selecting the audio for the voicemail, you can either select a pre-recorded audio from the audio-library or click on the ADD NEW button to add new audio.

When selected the option to add new audio a new pop-up will appear which will give you three different options to record the audio, the first one shown in the below image is to click on the CHOOSE FILE button and select the audio file from your PC/MAC and then click on the UPLOAD AUDIO FILE button to upload the file.  You can enter the Recording Name or it will be filled with the audio file name that you choose to upload.  Once the audio is uploaded the SAVE button will be enabled for you to click and save the audio.

The second option is to record your audio live by clicking on the audio controls having the record buttons red, stop and pause buttons as shown in the below image.  Once you have recorded the audio the SAVE button will be enabled for you to save the audio.

BatchDialer gives you the option to enter the text and convert that to an audio file with a text-to-speech recognition system.  After typing the message you can either select a male or female voice as per your preference and click on the CREATE button to generate the audio. Once you have generated the audio the SAVE button will be enabled.