If you are looking for how you can easily Integrate BatchDialer with Podio, this guide will give you step-by-step detail followed by screenshots from BatchDialer on how to Integrate and then push leads towards Podio.

Before you start please make sure your Podio account is logged in on the same browser where you are using BatchDialer.  We always recommend using Google Chrome.

The below screenshot is the first screen that you see when you logged into your BatchDialer account.  You will need to click on your Username and then click on Settings to open the settings of your account.

Once you have clicked on Settings, you will see the below screen where on the left side different options are highlighted and you will need to click on the option INTEGRATIONS.

Once you have clicked on the INTEGRATIONS you will be directed to the below screen and you can also notice that the button for INTEGTAIONS is now turned blue which indicates that you are now seeing the integrations page.  You will need to click on which shows you available integration options, where you will click on the SET UP SYNCING button to start setting up the integration process BatchDialer and Podio.

As soon as the SET UP SYNCING button is clicked the PODIO INTEGRATION pop-up will display where you will click the LOGIN PODIO button.

Since you were requested to login to the Podio on the same browser before you started to follow this guide, the Podio will automatically get logged in and connected with the BatchDialer.

Once the Podio login is successful you will see the SET UP SYNCING button will now be changed to MANAGE SYNC

Once you click on the MANAGE SYNC button the pop-up with the title PODIO INTEGRATION will display as shown in the below image.  Now to map the fields of BatchDialer and Podio you will need to click on ADD NEW button highlighted in below image.

For the mapping you will have to select Podio Workspace and Workspace App as shown in below image, the one you created in Podio to record the Marked Leads that will be pushed towards Podio from BatchDialer.

Your mapping might look a bit different from the image below as per the fields that you have created in your Podio App.  But all necessary fields like the lead's name, address, phone, notes, etc. are available to map with your Podio app.  After the mapping is complete you will need to click on Save button to save your configuration.

After saving the mapping you will need to check if the Call Result Successful Lead setup properly.

Once the mapping is completed and saved, you will need to navigate to Phone System > Call Results and then click on the pencil sign opposite to Successful Lead as showing in the below image.

The Successful Lead call result should show similar to the image below where you will have to check the Mark as Lead and Send to Email if you want the lead info to be sent to your email address as well.  Once the settings are confirmed you can save the settings.