To create a new campaign, first, make sure that a DID phone number has been purchased in the system.

  1. Click Campaign on the left side of the page.

  1. On the Campaign page, click create new campaign at the top right part of the page.

  1. You will be directed to the Campaign Creation Page. There are default settings assigned in each section of the campaign. You may leave the default setting as it is, or change it based on your preference.

Section 1

  1. Name your Campaign

  2. Select your preferred Dialing mode:

    1. Predictive Dialer: When you select a predictive mode, the system will automatically screen busy signals, voicemails, no answers, disconnected numbers, and would go straight down the list making dials automatically.

    2. Preview Dialer: When you select a preview mode, the system will preview every lead before making a dial. This would be a manual dialing mode. 

  3. Select the Caller ID – you may choose to assign a Number Group or individual numbers in your campaign then click next.

Section 2

  1. Set the calling hours: This allows you to control the availability of the campaign for dialing, outside of the schedule the agent will not be allowed to make calls on the campaign

  2. Select the applicable Call result or Call results group: This feature lets you select the applicable disposition selection at the end of each call.

  3. Click on next

   Section 3

  1. Select or add an Agent Script: This is a script could either be a guide or verbatim that the agent can read throughout the call to ensure they are in line with the campaign’s objective.

  2. Select the Contact list: This is the calling list that will be dialed in the campaign.

  3. Assign the agents or agent group: The dropdown will let you select who will be making the calls for the campaign

  4. Click Save.

Note: The above discusses the most basic options to set up a campaign. For more experienced users, advanced options can be enabled by clicking the option on the upper right of the page.

Listed below are the extra functions available for creating a campaign in advanced mode:

  • Time Zone- Let’s you manually assign the time zone where the campaign will be called from.

  • Calls Order: There are three options for the order that the dialer will call the leads in the campaign.

a.    Adaptive – the dialer will call the leads based on the chronological order of the leads in the assigned campaign list/s.

b.    Highest Score Leads First – this is based on the Lead score that you will set up in the Lead scoring page. The dialer will start calling the leads who will be on the hot lead score, followed by warm lead and last is the cold lead.

c.    Lowest Score Leads First – the dialer will start calling the cold leads, followed by warm leads and last will be the hot leads.

  • Call Recording- allows you to enable or disable call recording for the campaign, this is useful for states with strict call recording laws.

  • Answering machine detection- when enabled, this will minimize the number of voicemails that will be sent over to the agent.

  • Scrub Federal and Company DNC- lets you skip the numbers that have been added either to your company or the national do not call list.

  • Call Connect type – this is how the dialer will be connected to an answered call

  1. Auto  Answer: Once a lead picks up the call of the dialer, it will be directly connected to the agent without hearing any beep or ringing, and pressing any answer button.

  2. Beep Once: when the lead picks up the call, the agent will hear a beep and will have to click the green answer button at the box that will pop up to answer the call.

  3. Ringing Sound: when the lead picks up the call, the agent will hear a ringing sound and will have to click the green answer button at the box that will pop up to be connected to the lead.

  • Simultaneous Dial per Agent – the maximum channels (phone lines) that an agent will be allowed to dial simultaneously on an outbound campaign. Default lines are set to 3, but you can change it to up to 10 lines for a multi-plan dialer. For a single line plan, 1 line per agent is the default, and cannot be changed.

  • Max Attempts per Record – the number of times that the system will attempt to dial a phone number before a connection is established.

  • Retry Time - After an unsuccessful attempt to connect with a phone number, the system will retry to call that phone number after a specified time.

  • Abandonment Timeout – once a lead picks up the call and the system detects that there is nothing happening, it will drop the call once the specified abandonment time is reached.

  • Ring Time Duration – the maximum ring time that the dialer will wait before it hangs up and dial the next number on the list.

  • Daily Connects Limit- Sets a quota per campaign based on the number of successful calls made per day.

  • Lead Sheets- an additional questionnaire that can be enabled for specific qualification requirements.

  • Podio integration- allows you to send qualified or certain dispositioned lead calls to a specific workspace in your Podio account.