To integrate your Podio CRM just click on your name, settings, integration then set up syncing.

You will now be asked to login to your account, please proceed by clicking Login to Podio.

Next, you will be asked to grant Batch Dialer access to your account, click on “Grant Permission” to proceed.

If the connection is successful, you will see this confirmation. Please click on “OK” to be taken back to the integration screen.

We will now be setting up the information that will be sent to your crm, please click on “Manage Sync” corresponding to podio integration.

Click “Add New” on the next page that will open.

Please select the correct “Podio Workspace” and “Workspace app” from the drop downs then set the activity name. The mapping window will now be available, simply match the the Batch dialer fields with the one’s for podio, this will dictate the information that will be sent over to your CRM and the fields they will be assigned to. Click save to keep the changes.

Note: You may add multiple workspaces to the dialer.

It should take us back to the podio integration window, just click the “X” mark on the top right to close the screen.

To assign a workspace edit the campaign you will be using then enable advanced setting, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the workspace where you want the leads to be sent on the "Podio" dropdown. Save to keep the cnange.

The integration is now complete, the trigger for this action can be set by editing the dispositions which information you want to be sent over to podio. To do this click on “Phone System” “Call Results” then the pencil icon corresponding to the disposition you want to use.

On the settings please tick on “Mark as Lead” option then Save the changes.

You are now all set, the next time this call result is used the contact’s information will now be automatically sent to Podio.