Lead sheets are additional forms you can create for agents to fill out during a call. The form is fully customizable depending on the information you wish to obtain from the list they are calling through. To create a form:

  1. Click on your name then settings then go to lead sheets.

  1. To create a form click on “+ADD NEW”

  1. On this page:

    • Fill out the name 

    • Add the fields you want the agents to fill out

    • Optional, you can mark a field as required

    • Save the form

  • Text- lets you add a field that require a short text answer

Ex: Nickname

  • Text area- is more or a field where agents can add additional notes

  • Email- field for adding an email address

  • Phone- a number only field that lets you add a phone number

  • Rating- allows the agent to rate the interaction

  • Date and Time fields- lets agent add possible additional callback or follow up schedule for the lead

  • URL- allows adding weblinks/websites 

  • Address- makes it possible to add an additional address, could be an alternative mailing address of another possible property listing, depending on what you wish for the agent to ask during a call

  1. Edit the campaign where you wish to add the Lead Sheet you created, enable “Advanced Mode” on the top right. Scroll down and look for the Lead Sheet dropdown and select the form you created then save the changes.

  1. During a call the agent can fill out the for created by clicking on the Lead Sheets that will appear on the customer information display.