• And a list has been uploaded and attached to the campaign: 


  • Check and make sure the microphone is enabled by clicking on the lock icon beside the website and setting the dropdown beside microphone to allow.

  • Now we are all set… To make calls click on the status dropdown and set it to available.

  • On the next screen that will pop up select the campaign you will be working on then click continue.

  • To check if your settings are correct and you are dialing you can click on the blue phone icon on the top of the page to open the dial pad. Call indicator boxes can be seen on the left of the dial pad corresponding to the number of lines specified on the campaign. After about 10 seconds these should turn yellow indicating that contacts are being dialed.

**Note: If your campaign’s call type is set to “Beep Once” or “Ringing”, please click on the green phone icon that will appear on the lower right corner of your page when you hear a beep or ringing sound to answer the call.