Before we start dialing please check the following: 

  1. We have an active campaign:

  2. A list has uploaded and attached to the campaign:

  3. Microphone is allowed to be accessed by the dialer. To check this simply click on the lock icon on the left of the web address and set the microphone dropdown to allow.

Now we are ready! To start dialing:

  1. Click on the status dropdown and set it to available.

  1. Select the campaign on the screen that will pop up and click continue.

  1. Click on the blue phone icon to open the dial pad then click on next contact.

  1. Click on the green phone icon to dial the contact, if you want to dial a different number from the contact just click the number then the call icon.

  2. If you want to skip and dial a different person on your list you can click the next contact again to move to the next lead on your list.