Here is a quick guide on adding a recording to the Audio Library.

  1. Click your name, settings, Audio Library then Add New Recording

  1. The next page will allow you to choose how you want your recording to be added, you can choose from 3 options:

To upload a recorded audio click on Upload Audio File then Choose File.

  • Select the Audio File you want to upload then click open. (File format can either be in MP3 or WAV)

  • Set the recording name then save.

You can also record using your computer,

  • Set the name for your file

  • Click the Record button when you are ready, and stop when you are done.

  • Click on save 

The third option is by using the system’s Text-To-Speech function.

  • Click on Text-to-Speech, enter the name of your file and your message.

  • Select between if you want the message to be read by a male or female voice.

  • Click on generate, then save the message