Call recordings can be accessed in two locations:

  1. Reports> Recent contacts- The speaker Icon to the right of the call entry will let you access the call recording window.

    Here is a summary of the call recording window buttons and their function:

  • Play- lets you listen to the recording

  • Rewind- jumps 10 seconds back in the recording

  • Forward- jumps 10 seconds forward

  • Playback speed- lets you control how fast the recording plays

  • Volume Slider- lets you adjust the volume

  • Timeline Slider- allows you to navigate to any time within the call

  • Download- will let you save it to your computer


  1. Contacts- Search and open the person’s profile then click on campaign, you will see the same speaker icon that will allow you to listen or download the recording.


Only answered calls are recorded.

Call recording can be disabled from the advanced mode of a campaign